330211_2439288238704_1942470501_oRachel Totten Keith (on left) is a junior and a half at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, TX where she majors in English and minors in Political Science w/ Pre-Law Concentration. RTK recently retired from the U.S. Air Force and is proud to say it, even though I S I S has probably put a hit out on her. Between sessions of teaching men how to shoot and her hours spent arguing with strangers online about nothing, she has managed to conceive, birth, and raise four wonderfully-well behaved children, who play sports, make honor roll, and they all look like they should be Gap print models. She has the honor of being the bride of Sidney Keith, a man of few words and a face in a perpetual state of confusion at her antics. But he is hot! And in love with her he must be as he likened their chance meeting to a pre-destined arrangement from the heavens and promptly promised her the world at her feet! See her blog for more details and fun facts at “where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts,” which is one of her favorite literary quotes by Kurt Vonnegut (rtkeith.org).

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